Study in Indonesia/U.S. for a Master’s in Education

Sue Dechow, executive director of the U.S./Indonesia Teacher Education Consortium (USINTEC) housed in the School of Teaching and Learning, is recruiting students for a new international dual master’s degree program with study in Indonesia and the U.S. Indonesian teachers and teacher educators, earn two master’s degree in elementary education or English language teaching in the new International Dual Master’s Degree Program.

Students in the U.S., broaden your global outlook by spending a semester abroad in Indonesia, one of the most culturally diverse, exotic, archipelago nations in the world. You will take core courses that fulfill requirements for the MA program in education or that augment any graduate program.

Students from American and Indonesian universities will study together in Indonesia with American and Indonesian faculty, according to Sue Dechow.

“The core courses in the program are designed for those interested in comparing education in the two countries – how teachers are prepared, how instruction is based on cultural values, how issues of pluralism and equity influence the major educational reform movements under way,” she says.

If you are a student from Indonesia, you will:

  • Be admitted to both an American and an Indonesian university
  • Begin study in mid-May 2011 or mid-May 2012
  • Earn both a U.S. and an Indonesian master’s degree in English language teaching (Teaching English as a Foreign Language, TEFL) or elementary teacher education
  • Access the strengths of the 16 USINTEC member institutions
  • Spend two semesters in the U.S. and pilot your thesis in U.S. schools
  • Conduct your research in Indonesian schools
  • Be advised by both Indonesian and American faculty
  • Apply for scholarships being sought by USINTEC universities

If you are a student enrolled at a U.S. university, you will:

  • Study from mid-May to mid-July 2011 or 2012 in Indonesia
  • Earn credit at your home institution: either The Ohio State University, Indiana University or the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, or transfer credit to your institution
  • Take up to three courses (12 credit hours) with Indonesian students, team taught in English by American and Indonesian faculty. They are:
    • Education in Indonesia and the U.S.
    • Diverse approaches to research on teaching and learning
    • Global perspectives on pluralism and equity in education
  • Observe Indonesian education practices and policies at work in the schools

For more information, including contact details, see: www.usintec.org


2 comments on “Study in Indonesia/U.S. for a Master’s in Education

  1. thanks for this information mbak…Its very useful, allow me to share it to my collegues in my city.

  2. Ok, ur welcome. Sure, may this information really come in handy.

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