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Problem Solving; What Makes A Good Problem

Problem solving and reasoning are the basic skills of mathematics education. These are primary reasons for including mathematics in the school curriculum. In order to teach these skills, teachers must have a resource bank of good problems. We need good problem to teach problem solving. A good problem for instructional purposes contains one or more of the following characteristics:

  1. It is interesting and challenging to students
  2. It requires critical analysis and observation skills
  3. It provides an opportunity for discussion and interaction
  4. It involves the understanding of a mathematical concept and the application of mathematical skill
  5. It should lead to a mathematical principle and/or generalization
  6. It lends itself to a variety of solutions and, at times, to multiple answer.

Reference: Krulik, Stephen. Rudnick, Jesse A. 1993. Reasoning and Problem Solving: A Handbook for Elementary School Teacher. A Division of Simon & Schuster Inc.


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