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Scholarship 2012 from Global Campus 21

Gc21 E-Academy Online Training Scholarships in Development

Brief description:

The Global Campus 21 E-Academy enables professional expertise, managerial skills and leadership experience to be gained, extended and passed on in developing countries by means of new learning media. Participants from all over the world use our online courses and learning space to learn together, share their experiences and collaborate on projects.

Host Institution(s):

Global Campus 21 E-Academy

Field(s) of study:

The fields that are covered are: Education and Gender, Peace and Human Rights,  Health and Health Management, Management and Leadership, ICT and E-learning Skills, Business and Communication, Sustainable Economics, Climate and Environmental Protection and Democracy.

The following courses have scholarships available:

•  eLearning Technology (tutored online course)

•  eLearning Management (tutored Online Course)

•  Tutoring for eLearning (tutored Online Course)

•  Implementing Gender Mainstreaming in Management Processes (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Measuring Progress: Statistics for MDG Indicators Poverty Analysis (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Measuring Governance, Democracy and Human Rights (Self-Study) (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Statistics for MDGs: Measuring HIV/AIDS & Malaria and their Socio-Economic Impacts 2010 (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Intercultural Communication (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Communication and Leadership (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Global Business (Self study)

•  Sustainable Business (Self-Paced Learning)

Knowledge Management (Tutored Online Course)

•  Full Suite Management Skills (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Social Management (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Adaptive Organization (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Financial Management (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Business and Climate Change (Self-Paced Learning)

•  International Project Management (Self-Study)

•  International Project Management (Tutored Online Course)

•  International Training and Facilitation Skills (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Leadership and Strategy (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Competence in Decision Making (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Operations Management (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Knowledge Management (Self-Paced Learning)

•  First Steps in Marketing (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Introduction to Project Management (Self-Paced Learning)

•  Implementing Gender Mainstreaming in Management Processes (Self-Paced Learning

•  Open Source & More IT for African Business (Self-Paced Learning_

•  Statistics and Climate Change in Africa (Self-Paced Learning)

Number of Scholarships:

A number of scholarships are available for selected courses.

Target group:

Qualified specialists and managers from developing countries and countries in transition who work in positions relevant to development in the private and public sectors.

Scholarship value/inclusions:

For some courses, applicants can apply for a scholarship that covers the full course fees.


Scholarship applications will only be accepted if applicants can provide reasonable proof of a) personal, b) institutional and c) national reasons.

Application instructions:

Apply for the scholarship here. It is important to visit the official website (link found below) for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.


Official Scholarship Website:  http://www.gc21-eacademy.org/fees-grants/scholarships/


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